Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Groupon - shoebuy.com & Swagbucks!

Is your daughter dying for Twinkle toes like mine? Todays Groupon for Lincoln is an online promotion and can get you a pair for about $10 (you pay $20 for the Groupon, but you'll end up with almost $10 Amazon giftcards, so $20-$10=$10, and a little bit of credit at shoebuy.com). Even if you don't live in Lincoln!!

The deal is you buy the groupon certificate for $20 and you get $40 off at shoebuy.com. But the deal gets even better when you combine it with Swagbucks! If you buy the groupon through Swagbucks, you should get $160 for that. Then if you go through Swagbucks again for your shoebuy.com purchase you will get 600 swagbucks! that's 760 swagbucks, which is almost $10 in Amazon giftcards!

Here's how:

1. Sign up with groupon here:

2. Sign up with swagbucks here:

3. Now go to Swagbucks.com. Across the top is a toolbar, hover over "Ways to Earn" and then choose "Special Offers" from that toolbar. Try this link:

4. Scroll down to where you see "Offer Wall" below and click on the "Trial Pay" tab.

5. Find the trialpay offer for Groupon, it will be for your current city. Click on it anyway by clicking on the "160 Swag Bucks" button. This will take you to the Groupon site.

6. Once you get to Groupon, log in and change your city to Lincoln by clicking on the "Visit More cities" link and then choose Lincoln.

7. You should see the offer for $20 for $40 at shoebuy.com. Click on the "Buy" button and complete your purchase with Groupon. Click on "My Groupon" to see your purchase and click on "print". You will get a warning popping up to tell you it's not valid until tomorrow, but don't worry, it will work today.

8. Now go back to the Special Offiers - Trial Pay section at Swagbucks and find the offer for 600 Swagbucks for shoebuy.com and click on the "600 Swagbucks" button. Shopping through Swagbucks will also get you 10% off!

9. Complete your purchase at shoebuy.com The certificate is good for anything on the site and can be used over multiple purchases! And most things have FREE shipping! If you enter the promotional code in the "gift certificates" section you will get 10% off your order! (If you enter it as a promotional code, you don't get the 10% off). You will get an error message saying you can't use a promotional code with a gift certificate, but the 10% off should still be there.

The Bargainista