Thursday, September 22, 2011

Coupon Class links

If you've attended one of my coupon classes, here are the links discussed in the class:

Couponing boards:

Coupon databases: (click on "Master List" to see all unexpired coupons by insert date)

Coupon clipping services

Target: (scroll to bottom and click on "coupons") ("surf the turf" forum, Target deals thread) (Forums, Drug/Grocery B&M deals, find Target thread)

CVS: (Forums, Drug/Grocery B&M deals, find CVS thread)

Walgreens: (Forums, Drug/Grocery B&M deals, find Walgreens thread)

Daily Deals Websites:
and more! (google “daily deal sites")

Opinion Outpost

Digital Dollars (earn money for using their search engine, surveys, etc)
Swagbucks (see this post and this post for more info)

Cash Back Websites: