Monday, February 21, 2011

Swagbucks! It's like FREE money! Plus 50 bonus bucks when you sign up today!

I just ordered my 71st $5 Amazon gift card! This means I've earned $355 in Amazon money since I signed up with Swagbucks last fall. And it has all been earned by doing just what I would normally do everyday anyway - using the Internet and using a search engine.

You can earn Swagbucks too! Just go sign up here and start using their search engine as a means to get to where you're going. Sign up before 11:59 pm on Monday, Feb 28th and you'll get a bonus 50 Swagbucks by entering promotional code
3rdBirthday96 during the sign-up process.

Use the search engine for when you're trying to find something out, but also use it just to get to a website that you already know. For instance, when I'm going to go to Amazon, I just type "" in the search box, instead of typing it in the url spot. I have probably won most of my Swagbucks this way!

You can read some more tips here:

A few new things since that September post:

1. You can install a plug-in for your browser so that Swagbucks will show up as an available search engine in your search bar (to the right of your URL bar). You can get that by clicking on the "Toolbars" button once you've signed up.

2. You can often earn Swagbucks when you purchase the Groupon, Living Social, Mamapedia deals of the day, so be sure to check out the "Trial Pay" wall under Special Offers section before buying!

3. There are other Special Offers that do not require you to purchase anything, just signing up to receive a newsletter or something. You can use a junk email address when you do this so you won't get a bunch of spam in your main email inbox. But the junk email has to be a real address you have access to because sometimes you have to confirm the subscription by clicking on something in one of the emails they send to you.

If you have any questions about Swagbucks, please let me know - I am happy to help!

Now go sign up and start earning some goodies of your own!

The Bargainista


  1. Why have you always purchased Amazon gift cards with your swag bucks? Are they the best deal?

  2. Yes, they are definitely the best deal. Swagbucks also has a $25 Amazon giftcard, but it's still a better deal to get them in $5 increments. $5 Paypal is a decent deal, but still costs more Swagbucks than the $5 Amazon GC. Plus, you can get anything on Amazon! Also, if you sign up for Amazon Mom, you will get 3 months of free Prime (2-day) shipping. Amazon Mom signup is here:
    And you can see the various Swagbuck rewards here:

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