Sunday, August 8, 2010

CHEAP diapers at Amazon

Awesome deal on Amazon right now if you can get the right coupons. If you no longer have babies, it's still an awesome deal to buy to give at a baby shower! if you have more than one set of codes, you will need to use separate Amazon accounts for each box you buy.

I will also say that you want to do this ASAP cause they could pull/change the Subscribe & Save discount anytime. In fact, right now on Amazon it says the S&S is 15% off but it actually is discounting it at 30% off.

In the Parents magazine (Aug & Sept issues), and also Parenting: Early Years magazine (Aug & Sept issues) there is a little orange pullout card that says "20% off diapers" (etc). On the other side of the card is a unique, one-time-use code that starts with either an A, W, X or S (depending on which magazine). You can combine 3 different codes on one box of diapers, each code must start with a different letter. You will sign up for Amazon's "subscribe & save" program for an additional 30% off your order & free shipping. After you receive your first order you can cancel the subscribe & save program. If you want Pampers, you can also find a $1.50 coupon on Amazon to use. So it goes like this:

  1. Start here to click on the $1.50 coupon for Pampers diapers (if you can't see the Pampers coupon, press ctrl-F5 to refresh)
  2. After you click on the coupon, it will take you to the next page which shows you the available products on which you can use the coupon. Pick the diapers you want by clicking on them, do NOT click "add to cart", click on the pic of the diaper box.
  3. On the next page, on the right side is the "subscribe & save" option - choose how often you want them delivered (I chose 6 months to give myself plenty of time to cancel) and click "Subscribe Now".
  4. Go all the way through the checkout process (add CC, shipping address, etc) until you are on the final page before actually submitting the order.
  5. Here is where you add the 20% off codes you got from the magazines. One at a time, input them where it says "Do you have any gift cards or promotional claim codes? (Learn more) Enter them below, one at a time:"
  6. Complete the checkout process
  7. Add a reminder in your email calendar to cancel the S&S program after you get your diapers. :D

If you have all 3 codes, this is what it looks like:

I chose the Pampers Baby Dry size 2, 228-ct for $41.99

Subtotal of Items: $41.99

Shipping & Handling: $0.00

30% off for subscribe & save -$12.60

20% off code -$8.40

20% off code -$8.40

20% off code -$8.40

Your Coupon Savings: -$1.50
Total for this Order: $2.69

The Bargainista


  1. so where did you end up finding more than one 20% off code?

  2. I had all the magazines at home! But I also had a haircut appt on Friday and found 2 more codes there, so I'm still on the lookout for a "W" code, which is from the Parents Sept issue. BTW, these aren't for myself, they're for my SIL who is having twins. I had a box sent to her as a surprise. :) (And am hoping she doesn't read these comments so the surprise won't be ruined.) :D

  3. Sorry I asked...I would hate to be the one to ruin it!