Thursday, August 19, 2010

My first (local) CVS trip!

As I mentioned in a previous post, CVS opened in Omaha last weekend! I have been greatly anticipating this for the last couple of years as I used to drive to Lincoln about once a month to shop at CVS and roll my ECBs! You can check out that post for a general overview of CVS.

We got some Grand Opening coupons in the mail with a fabulous $10 off $20 coupon on it, so here is what I did on my first trip:

$9.99 Fusion razor
$3.49 Crest ProHealth Clinical toothpaste
$4.49 (each) 2 Right Guard deodorant (on sale for BOGO)
$1.59 (each) 4 Sobe Lifewater (on sale for BOGO)
$1.99 Coke 2-liter
$2.27 travel CVS ibuprofeum

total purchased = $33.08

Coupons used:
-10.00 CVS $10/20 (mailer)
-1.99 CVS free Coke 2 ltr (mailer)
-2.27 CVS free item up to $3 (mailer)
-4.00 fusion razor (8/1 PG)
-0.75 crest toothpaste (8/1 PG)
-1.59 Sobe BoGo (
-1.59 Sobe BoGo (
-1.50 Right Guard printable
-1.50 Right Guard printable

CVS sales that came off after they hit total:
-1.59 Sobe BOGO
-1.59 Sobe BOGO
-4.49 Right Guard BOGO

Subtotal = -0.51 (yes that's a NEGATIVE amount!)
tax = .70
TOTAL = $0.19

Oops! I didn't even know you could go negative!

I also earned the following ECBs:

$2.50 for Crest
$5.00 for Fusion Razor

I will use those ECB to purchase my next transaction (not done yet, but should be done on a separate day so I can use another $10/20, which I dug out of the trash at the Post Office!) Here it is:

$9.99 Zegerid OTC
$3.49 Crest ProHealth Clinical Toothpaste
$7.99 Blink tears
$1.99 Coke 2-ltr
$0.77 filler (I'll explain this in a minute)

total purchased: $22.24

-10.00 CVS mailer coupon
-1.99 CVS mailer coupon
-3.00 Zegerid
-1.50 Blink
-0.75 Crest

Subtotal: 5.00

Pay with $5 ECB from first transaction and only pay tax!

The $0.77 filler mentioned above is simply so that my subtotal will be $5 so I can use the ECB from my first transaction to pay for this one. Also, I will give the ECB before I give any manufacturer coupon so my taxable amount will be reduced (see this previous Countdown to CVS post about reducing tax).

ECB earned in this transaction:

$2.50 Crest
$7.00 Zegerid
$7.99 Blink

So I've spent less than $1 out of my pocket and now I've got $19.99 in ECB to spend!! Plus I have everything that I "bought" including a $10 razor!

I love CVS!!!

The Bargainista

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