Tuesday, October 6, 2009

FREE Amazon Prime Shipping for the holidays

Just in time for holiday shopping! Get FREE 2-day shipping from Amazon on all of your purchases for 3 months! If you sign up today, the Prime membership will run through January 9, 2010.

Amazon is offering 3 months of free Amazon Prime trial membership if you add one eligible textbook to your cart. You don't have to actually purchase the textbook, just put it in your cart and proceed through checkout to the final page (without buying). Please note that this is not valid for existing or previous prime members (see note below if this is you).

  1. Add an eligible text book to your cart (click that link and scroll down, choose one of the books on the screen).
  2. Proceed all the way to checkout, and click "FREE Two-Day Shipping with a Free Trial of Amazon Prime" option
  3. Confirm your free 3-month trial (check that it's for 3 months, if not see "final note" below)
  4. Delete the textbook from your cart, go to the Amazon home page.
  5. Click "Your Account"
  6. Scroll down to the "Settings" section and click on "Manage My Prime Membership".
  7. Click on "Do Not Upgrade"
  8. Click on "Turn Off Auto Upgrade"
NOTE: This will only work for accounts that have NO association with a previous prime membership. But what if you have had Prime membership on your account previously? Simply create a new Amazon account with a new email (hotmail, yahoo, gmail, etc)! When you're going through the checkout process, you will have to add a credit card to the account. You must use a credit card that is not associated with an account that has had Prime membership at any point. Even if you don't want to use the credit card, you need a new one for the account - you can add your usual credit card later when you want to make a purchase.

ALSO NOTE: The last several steps are so the free trial will end without you having to remember to cancel it. If for some reason you end up getting charged for it ($79) you can cancel it as long as you haven't used it since you were charged for it (free trial transactions excluded).

FINAL NOTE: If you are being offered only 1-month of free trial instead of 3-months, you may need to create a new Amazon account. Some people are finding they are only getting a month free on their usual accounts (that haven't had Prime before). So when you're on the screen to confirm the free Prime trial, take note of how long of a trial you are being offered.

Let the Christmas shopping begin! :D

The Bargainista


  1. When I deleted my book from my cart, and went to Settings, it told me I wasn't subscribed to Amazon Prime.

    What am I doing wrong?

  2. Are you getting the option to sign up for Amazon Prime trial? If so, and you confirm you want the trial, you need to keep going all the way through the checkout process until you're on the final page before actually submitting the order.

  3. Ahhhh, got it. Thanks! :)